Shampoo Bar myths, and why you should make the switch to Palmier.

Shampoo Bar myths, and why you should make the switch to Palmier. 

There probably nothing easier than using liquid shampoo at times, effortlessly squeezing the bottle out for your morning hair wash. That’s probably why so many people haven’t yet made the switch to solid shampoo and conditioners. The title of this blog is ‘Shampoo Bar Myths’, because once you find a really good one it works better than the liquid version we are all used to. With that being said, it is safe to say a lot of them on the market are really terrible, leaving hair greasy or like straw. Here are a few reasons why a Palmier Shampoo Bar is the one for you. 

  1. “Shampoo Bars don’t foam!”

Shampoo should clean- that is the purpose! Foam is the fantastic aftermath of a good cleansing agent doing its work, breaking down oils and cleansing the hair and scalp. Unfortunately, the culprit ingredient SLS is a commonly used cleansing agent (look for Sodium Laurel Sulphate on your next bottle, I guarantee it will be there!), and has earned its label for being awful for hair. Palmier shampoo bars use Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, which is derived from coconuts and nicknamed baby foam because of its super gentle nature and velvety later.  Hair will feel clean without the matted, knotty texture that so many shampoos often leave behind. 

2. “Shampoo Bars are expensive”

As with many eco friendly products, the initial investment is usually higher than the alternative on the market. However, the saying “buy cheep buy twice” comes to mind, or in our case “buy cheep buy three times”. One Palmier shampoo bar lasts on average 3 times longer than a standard bottle of shampoo. Let’s not get started on how long my conditioner bar has stood strong for! 

3. “Shampoo Bars wont work for my hair type”

We have 7 different Shampoo Bars, and whilst the hair types are endless, we think there will be one there for you. Be it for curly hair to dandruff, fine hair to blonde, we want to appeal to the masses. Want to find your match? Take our Haircare Quiz. 

4. “I will have to go through a transition phase”

This makes me think of those people who attempt the not wash their hair for weeks, the idea being that after around the 8 week mark your hair will eventually get used to it, oil production will fall, and you will never have to wash hair again. Idilic, but who could face the thought of unwashed hair for months. Our shampoo bars use a gentle cleansing agent, and have a Ph of 6.5- no transition time needed. 

With so many choices out there, its easy to fall back to your firm favourite, reliable bottled shampoo, especially if you have been put off by a bad shampoo bar. With an new switch, these things take a bit of time, but hopefully this has given you a nudge to give ours a go! 

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