Plastic Pollution- Florence Jones

“The problem of plastic pollution is one the scariest environmental crises we face.”

Plastic is a material which is completely unbiodegradable, which means that every piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists in some form today. Most of this plastic has been broken down into tiny particles which are known as microplastics. These small pieces of plastic can be found throughout our oceans and soil, leaking into our bloodstreams via the food we eat, potentially causing cancer, damaging ecosystems and killing marine life.

This seem can seem overwhelming, and I felt incredibly powerless when I first started researching plastic pollution. But there is positivity in the belief in individual and our ability to make small changes. Plastic seems to completely surround us nowadays, but more and more people are making steps towards a plastic-free life. Which is something I have been trying to do for a number of years now, the learning curve can be tough but so rewarding!

I made changes to the way I shopped for food, what I kept in my kitchen and reusables became my best friends. But when making the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle one of the biggest challenges I found was my bathroom cabinet. It was completely filled with all kinds of products in plastic bottles, most of which I couldn’t even remember when or why I had bought them. One of the best side-effects of reducing the amount of plastic in my life is that I have become much more conscious of what I buy. The beauty industry makes huge profits off the back of our insecurities, selling us countless products which are encased in excessive plastic. Also, the more we continue to buy wasteful products, the more will continue to be produced. But moving to plastic free alternatives has shown me how unnecessary they really are.

Palmier’s shampoo bars not only focus on hair health in a natural way, but they are also completely plastic free! So not only are you being kind to your hair but also to the planet. Switching from the bottle to the bar is such an easy change to make but one that can really make a difference. In collectively making small alterations to our daily behaviour, we contribute to something much bigger than ourselves.

Florence Jones

Florence Jones is a young journalist and student as well as a keen environmental campaigner. Twitter: @Florence_Jones_