Getting the best from your shampoo and conditioner bars

With the pleasures of using plastic-free solid haircare, being its benefits to hair health and nifty size, comes some extra ground rules that you really should follow to get the best out of your shampoo and conditioner bar.

We all know the collections of bottles that accumulate round our shower, some half empty and definitely due a clear out. It’s the easy access, right-by-the-shower type haircare that we all well and know. Truthfully, keeping your solid haircare near the water/shower spray will significantly reduce its lifespan. They should be dry between uses, which can be simply done by keeping them in a drainable soap dish in a dry location.  

When it comes to using your solid haircare, it can be tricky to work out the best way of application. The impatient rub their shampoo bar straight into hair, using the bar to itself lather and clean. More careful figures later their bar into hands and apply thoughtfully. However you choose to do it, a good shampoo bar that foams well should be the most important element- consider our range, perhaps? Continually switch up the side you use your solids, to wear down the bar evenly on all sides and preventing it from breaking early on. Soap-saver bags can work to make the use out of those tiny end pieces that can be hard to use in hair.

As for conditioner bars, it’s all about breaking in the bar like you would with a pair of new shoes. Once run through hands a little under the hot shower water, the oils should turn into a silky liquid conditioner than can then be massaged into hair. Build up as applicable, especially curly girls.  Since our conditioner bars are packed with Shea butter and Coconut oil,  and without the necessary water that bottled conditioner entails, they are thoroughly nourishing. For the more oily hair types, less is more. 

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