Plastic-Free Haircare for Travel

It might be a bit hasty to begin to talk about travel, or perhaps it is the mental getaway we all need as we come to the last hurdle of this very long, tiresome and gruelling journey. 

With travel in mind, it’s important to consider how your bathroom essentials are going to look as you jet away. Those who get the travel minis clearly haven’t got the memo about the plastic-waste they generate (not to mention financial waste), but most importantly they just aren’t going to cut it for a two week holiday. Growing up in my household, you would pack full bottles of shampoo and conditioners only to find them burst in your suitcase when you arrive.  Those who decide to ‘buy them when I get there’ (common with hand luggage only types), are left translating shampoo bottles abroad or using the cheap cellophane wrapped soaps on literally everything. 

The solution? A good old shampoo and conditioner might be the answer. Even if we put the plastic-free element aside, solid haircare doesn’t use any liquid, passing it through hand luggage with ease.  Being lightweight and compact, you can easily sneak them away in a zip pocket of a backpack when travelling and not worry about that extra room, knowing that they will also last you the whole 3 month trip too.  With this being said, its important to find all the elements for your haircare and skincare routine in a solid form, and our range for this new start up is limited whilst we branch out into other areas (hint: have you checked out our NEW facial cleansing bar?). Here are a few great plastic-free, hand luggage and travel friendly alternatives to take alongside your shampoo and conditioner bars from independent shops. 

1. Toothpaste Tabs by:

These also come with Flouride (rare to find in toothpaste tabs!). 

2. Natural Deodorant from Scrubber Store: 

These are ethical and plastic-free. 

3. Grace and Green Menstrual Cups:

To never get caught short. Menstrual cups really are a game changer, travelling or otherwise. 

4. Sedbergh Soap Company:

A no brainer for travelling really. Choose lemongrass for a natural insect repellant. 

Lastly, stay safe out there!