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Transcend into peace, harness healing, nourish the soul

Massage Therapy

We offer a range of massages to help you achieve your wellness goals while also providing a relaxing and nurturing experience, encompassing the mind and body as a whole. Our calming space allows for a peaceful and healing treatment, intuitively guided by Body Massage Therapist by Harriet Evans and catered to your individual needs, be it deep tissue, lymphatic work or full body massage. 

You can find our treatment options below. 

Treatment OptionsWhat to expectPrice
Full Body (60 mins)A signature treatment working on the full body helping to release tension, improve circulation, reduce stress levels and give you an overall sense of calm and well-being. £40
Deep Tissue (30mins / 60mins)Firm pressure and slow strokes target the deeper layers of muscle tissue and connective tissue, helping to relieve pain and tension, improve circulation and improve flexibility. Adapted to any areas of particular tension. £30 / £40
Lymphatic Drainage (30 mins / 60 mins)Light rhythmic strokes improve the flow of lymphatic fluid as part of the lymphatic system, which supports our body’s immune system. Lymphatic Drainage may help to reduce swelling and improve lymphatic function. £30 / £40
Face, Chest & Neck (30 mins)Gentle techniques are used over the face combined with stretching and deep tissue techniques on the neck, improving skin texture and encouraging blood flow to the face.£30

Harriet Evans

Harriet provides warmth, safety and care to each client by listening with openness and empathy, whilst also responding to the unique needs of each person. Harriet is passionate about exploring the mind-body connection through massage to improve the overall well-being of her clients. She also holds a particular interest in female hormone health, and how to harness our cycles and ever changing bodies. 

Please warmly note that Harriet works with female clients only. 

Where to find us

We're based in The Storey Institute, Lancaster LA1 1TH

How to book

Contact Us here or email us with your date and time preference. We'll go from there. 

What to expect

Once we find a suitable date and time that works, you'll fill out a consultation form and pay a £10 deposit to secure your booking. 

Our first session starts with 15 minutes extra so we can discuss your needs and tailor the treatment to you.  

Who we work with

Harriet works with female adults only