• £15.00

    We love these new bespoke soap dishes! Made by the wonderful  Sarah Crosby for Palmier. We have a limited run available so catch one while you can do. Perfect for soap,shampoo bars and anything in between.

  • £18.00

    Everything to do with flowers, all wrapped up. These new gift sets come with a Katie Drew Porcelain soap dish, a balancing flowers shampoo bar, and a limited edition flowers riso wrap to finish it all off.

    Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Naturally Derived.


  • £11.00

    Handmade Porcelain Soap Dish. These little dishes are made with love and care in the North West by Illustrator and Ceramicist Katie Drew, especially for Palmier! Handmade in her greenhouse, each one displays its own character, shape and pattern that may differ from the picture (all part of the charm).

    • Fits 1 Shampoo Bar as snug as a bug in a soap dish.
    • 100% Porcelain
    • Limited Edition run.
  • £4.00

    Great for storage and gifting your solid haircare products.

    Made in the UK

    100% Heavy Duty Cotton