• £9.00

    For sensitive souls with sensitive skin. Our fragrance free conditioner bar is perfume and essential oil free, for those particularly fussy scalps. These more gently acting ingredients are more suitable for younger children and those with eczema/psoriasis, too. 

    Packed with Cocoa and Shea butter acting as conditioners, as well as Argan oil for shine, this solid conditioner is perfect for dryer hair types. 


  • £21.00

    Your zero-waste journey starts here. Ditch the plastic bottles and get started with a complete, plastic-free hair routine even down to the wash bag to carry it all in. Build your own Haircare Kit to suit your hair type, by selecting your Shampoo or Conditioner from below. Unsure on what to choose? Why not take our Haircare Quiz. 

    Leave your Conditioner Bar on for 10 minutes, to double up as a super nourishing hair mask. 

    In the kit:

    • 1 x Shampoo Bar
    • 1 x Conditioner Bar
    • 1 x Small Wash Bag


  • £9.00

    Oily hair in need of a proper clean? Look no further. Orange Oil breaks down oils due to its enzymic properties, leaving hair feeling refreshed and shiny. Patchouli oil is brightening, moisturising and both microbial and anti-fungal. Geranium balances hair oils and regulates scalp sebum production. Lather into hair for a deep, squeaky clean and a spring in your step.

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    Let’s talk moisture. Apricot Oil, rich in fatty acids, hydrates and soothes. Coconut and Jojoba oil are deeply nourishing and enriching, for particularly dry hair and scalps types. Rose and Lime oil soothe and add shine, reducing fly aways. An ideal compliment for the Curly Hair types, as well as those prone to dryness and dullness.


  • £9.00

    Henna makes hair even richer and shinier, whilst also being traditionally used for hair loss too. By coating each strand of hair, locks look thick and soft. With added hydrating ingredients, such as Apricot and Jojoba oil, this shampoo bar ticks the boxes for rich smooth hair, and a full bodied colour. And above all, Lavender oil promotes relaxation and calm in the shower!

  • £9.00

    Whilst once being used for eye health, Clary Sage is now known for much more; stimulating and refreshing, this flowering herb promotes hair regrowth and thickening. Jojoba oil returns important Vitamin B, C and E, Copper and Zinc back to restore healthy hair. Almond oil reduces damage and nourishes too. Ideal for the finer hair types.